Ardennes American Cemetery


“Forces of the 3rd Armored Division liberated the Neuville- en-Condroz area on September 7, 1944. From its beginning as a temporary cemetery in February 1945, the location became unique, with burials from every major battle in World War II, including the Pacific. This cemetery is unique among all ABMC cemeteries as it served as the central identification point for the entire European Theater of Operations from the last days of the war until 1960. The Ardennes American Cemetery is the final resting place for 5,323 Americans, with 65 percent of those being fallen airmen of the U.S. Army Air Forces. Their headstones are aligned in straight rows that compose the form of a Greek cross. Along the outside of the memorial, inscribed on granite slabs, are the names of 463 of the missing, whose remains were never recovered. The government of Belgium granted its free use as a permanent burial ground in perpetuity without charge or taxation.”


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