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A strong partner is exactly what a family needs when they’re making the final arrangements for a loved one and nobody knows that more than you. Whether you’re a provider of mortuary services, floral services, or a cemetery, families rely on us to be strong partners because they’ve just lost someone special. GEO Graves LLC was founded, as a service,based on the need to find the graves of lost loved ones. The partners that we work with are in business for the very same reasons, to help those at a time of great loss. Contact me for more information on how we can become partners today.

Mortuary services

Together we can solve two challenges: 1) the desire of friends and families to be able to locate the final resting place of a loved one and 2) a service that combines the deceased’s information you have with the plot location they cemetery has. Never again does a family have to come back to you and ask if you remember where the grave is located. There’s no expense to you and in fact, we offer a referral fee for each family you support to upload their grave. And rest assured, once they’ve paid the initial, minor fee, there are no more fees for the family, ever.


The day of a funeral is stressful for families and friends and remembering exactly where a grave is located can be very difficult. Combining the plot location and deceased’s information of all those graves you already keep on record can easily be added to our databases. And our pricing structure is not an expensive subscription that you have to pay until…well, forever. Once a grave is uploaded, no further payment will ever be sought. Now you can redirect your focus on other matters while knowing families are able to navigate your cemetery with ease and that you’re saving money.


Of all the partners helping a grieving family, you are quite possibly the closest partner they have in the process. The family has probably been with you for years and in times of need a church is the first place many people turn. The majority of private cemeteries are also under the care of a church, which means a strong relationship between us is important to your congregation.  Just like a cemetery, you can direct your focus back to the people you serve while knowing families are able to navigate your cemetery with ease.

Floral services

Families and friends want their loved one’s final resting place to look nice, all the time. Now you can go online to locate a single grave and expedite the delivery of wreaths and other arrangements without the hassle of cumbersome research and complex directions while trying to find particular grave.  And the faster you can complete your deliveries, the more deliveries you can handle, which in the end, means more income, happier customers, and more customers.