About Dan Carlson, President

Dan Carlson, President of GEO Graves LLC

Dan Carlson, President
GEO Graves, LLC

Dan Carlson’s reason for founding GEO Graves, LLC is quite simple: to solve a problem (a personal one at that). He’s a disabled veteran of the US Air Force and Iraq war and while he was still enlisted his grandfather passed away after a long, strenuous battle with cancer. He was to be cremated so while Dan was able to take leave from his duty station for the funeral service, he was not able to stay long enough for his grandfather’s burial. And so his search for his grandfather’s grave began. To his surprise, when he was able to return home to visit, he couldn’t find anything more than the name of the city and cemetery in which his grandfather was buried. Read more below to hear about what inspired and continues to drive Dan, as written by himself (if you’re on a mobile device, the five (5) tabs below are viewed best in a landscape orientation).

There’s a saying, “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” I have experience with both and I can tell you that’s true in both cases and sadly it was also true while searching for the location of my grandfather’s grave (close doesn’t cut it amongst thousands of graves). I wasn’t able to find a contact name, number, or even an office listing for the cemetery so I was stuck. I’m happy to write that after a few years of research and innumerable late nights I not only found and visited my grandfather’s grave (thanks mom!), I’ve solved this very problem for everyone else and GEO Graves, LLC was founded.
I myself am a native son of the Great Plains, Nebraska to be specific. I grew up in a small town, or not so small for Nebraska, went to a small high school, enlisted in the US Air Force at 17, and then graduated in 1998. I would spend my last summer working hard (70-80 hrs /wk) to earn as much money as I could before boarding a plane for Basic training, USAF. I joined the Security Forces and volunteered for one of the coldest assignments Uncle Sam could offer: Minot, North Dakota. I would find myself tearing through the next 10 years of my life, burning the candle at both ends to get promoted as fast as the system would allow, volunteering for deployments, and ultimately two special duty assignments.

During my first special duty assignment, three years serving in a combat forward unit, I would graduate from sniper school and deploy six times, two of which were forward deployments, moving forward from a previous deployment location (Iraq & Djibouti). I would eventually return home, marry the partner of my dreams, and spend the rest of my career at my second special duty assignment. I would have the honor to train some of the best members of today’s Security Forces while earning an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, a second Associates degree of Instructor of Technology and Military Science, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Administration, and finally a Masters of Education in Educational Technology, all within a 4 1/2 year time frame.

It’s my drive and passion for achieving what I set my mind to that helped my survive my military years and that I credit my company’s current and future successes. My mission: to help families and friends of those who have lost someone they love, someone they once knew, someone that has walked before them, find the grave of their someone special. Much to my surprise very few cemeteries are staffed full time, are easy to navigate, or are even well marked. Find a cemetery that can say all three and you’ve found less than 1% of cemeteries in the US, perhaps the world over. I’m changing that one grave at a time through the use of precise GPS coordinates that you can use on even your phone so that you can find your loved one’s grave. Submit your loved one’s grave now and I’ll make sure anyone can find it tomorrow!

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– Over fifteen years of leadership, project management, and learning & development experience
– Proven record of client relationship management skills forging lasting & trusted partnerships
– Extensive experience with land navigation using advanced GPS navigation tools and maps
– Ability to quickly learn & apply new technologies while adapting to ever changing environments


01/2007 – 08/2008
University of Texas at Brownsville, M.Ed. in Educational Technology

08/2005 – 11/2006
Wayland Baptist University at San Antonio, TX, B.S. Occupational Education
Emphasis: Criminal Administration, Education and Training Methodology

02/2004 – 05/2005
Community College of the Air Force, Assoc. in Applied Science, Instructor of Technology and Military Science


Mar 2008
Air Force Civil Service 1750; specialized education and training certification

Nov 2006
Master Instructor Certification, United States Air Force

May 2006
Occupational Instructor Certification, United States Air Force

Nov 1998 – Jul 2008
Active US Government Secret Security Clearance


12/2014 – present
GEO Graves, LLC, President – Wayne, Pennsylvania

  • Founded Internet-based company for the purpose of collecting, storing and hosting grave site information including demographic/GPS data and grave site/map images
  • Enables users to navigate directly to the grave using any GPS enabled device or online mapping service
  • Develops and maintains all business plans, financing, and strategic relationships with funeral service organizations across the United States

02/2013 – present
The Vanguard Group, Inc., Senior Learning and Development Consultant – Malvern, Pennsylvania

  • Successfully lead & coordinated all training & development activities for the single largest HR organization and technology transformation. Oversaw the training implementation for $70M+ of technology upgrades impacting 15K+ employees across the globe
  • Maintain a book of business consulting with senior level clients on new learning strategies/opportunities across multiple business areas
  • Manage complex client relationships with senior divisional leaders & internal partners while supporting diverse business requirements
  • Align intricate business plans with sophisticated learning strategies ensuring VU resources are positioned for maximum business impact
  • Collaborate with cross functional HR teams to support critical business transformations across the Institutional and IT divisions
  • Create employee education strategies for organizational redeployments

08/2008 – 02/2013
The Vanguard Group, Inc., Instructional Designer –  Malvern, Pennsylvania

  • Lead and design solutions for high-priority Business Acumen initiatives
  • Explain strategic options and implement complex technical solutions
  • Work closely with senior leaders on complex retirement industry topics
  • Administer & manage the redesigned Business Acumen SharePoint site

01/2010 – 01/2012
The University of Texas, Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member (Department of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation)- Brownsville, Texas

  • Responsible for course management and teaching:
    • Instructional Technology in Education
    • Instructional Design

01/2007 – 07/2008
United States Air Force, Instructor Supervisor (Security Forces Academy) – Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas

  • Evaluated and enforced policy/procedural compliance, reporting directly to the Department principal and CEO
  • Responsible for conducting annual and no-notice faculty evaluations for all (120) faculty members
  • Designed and implemented eLearning faculty resource website
  • Created three original online faculty training modules
  • Developed an online instructional strategy used by 120 faculty

Dan Carlson, President
GEO Graves, LLC

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