A Personal Journey of Loss

Shattered Heart Road SignLoss is a very personal journey. Everyone experiences loss in a unique way based on a multitude of factors:

1. The closeness of the relationship.
2. Unexpected or abrupt.
3. Prior experiences coping with loss or lack there of.

And this just names a very select few. I myself have experienced limited loss in my lifetime. I’ve lost grandparents who were both close and not so close to me. I have lost friends with whom I hung out with back in school, with whom I served alongside in the military, and with whom have welcomed me into their lives when I was a transplant to a new city and made me feel right at home. I have fortunately never lost a parent, spouse, or child and dread even the thought.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I’ve heard the countless stories of people who rely on being able to visit the graves of their lost loved ones as a part of their coping journey. I’ve heard the terrible impact that not being able to find a grave in a cemetery has on that person and the family. I’ve heard stories of grief, frustration, and strife as they walked a cemetery for hours in the pouring rain, determined to find the final resting place of their mother, father, brother, sister, or child. Hours spent in anguish as they search for a single grave, crying and grieving all over again.  Enough! I don’t believe this is necessary and I want to help. I want you to add the graves of your loved ones so you and your family never have to tell a story like the many I have heard and you have most likely experienced.

I know putting a grave online can feel like an impersonal thing but I want you to know I believe actually a very personal thing. You’re putting your loved one’s grave online so it can be honored and found by the rest who loved, admired, and respected him/her. Many websites claim to let you “find a grave” but that’s just in their database or just on a webpage but it doesn’t really help you spend time with your lost loved one. GEO Graves LLC solves that by giving you a map and turn by turn and step by step directions with the click of a mouse/touch of a screen via online maps.

I respect your personal journey, we all have them. I ask that you will trust me to be a small part of that journey, a part that helps, a part that understands and empathizes, a part that heals. If you’ll submit your loved one’s grave information today, I’ll host it here for you, your family, and the friends of the deceased so that you will always be able to find his/her grave, no matter where it may be located.


Dan Carlson, President
GEO Graves, LLC
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