GEO Graves LLC helps find graves online

crosshair_32x32There are many websites that allow you to find a lot of information about a grave online.  But GEO Graves, LLC is different from all those other sites because it goes further, allowing you to see exactly where in the cemetery the grave is located and navigate directly to it.  Nobody else can say they offer that. Once a grave has been uploaded to GEO Graves, LLC, there are two primary ways to find the grave.

search The easiest way is to search by a specific name. Look for the search box in the footer of any page and enter as much of the name as you know.

regional map iconYou can also search by region using the US Regional Map or the UK Regional Map. This way allows you to view all of the cemeteries that have been added to our databases and the graves within each cemetery. Simply click on a region, review the cemeteries listed by that region’s states, then click on the appropriate cemetery to access an alphabetical list of uploaded graves.

If you can’t find the grave you’re looking for, it’s quite possible no one has added it yet. If you believe you can’t find the grave due to technical difficulties, contact me and I’ll personally look into the databases for the specific grave and let you know what’s up.

Keep ’em coming and together we’re ensuring that finding a grave just got easy.

Dan Carlson, President
GEO Graves, LLC

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