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Frequently Asked Questions

Find resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please visit our contact page and I’ll be more than happy to get your answer.


A great question. The biggest differentiating factor making GEO Graves, LLC unique is the ability to locate a grave online and then navigate directly to it using any GPS enabled device. All of the other online “find a grave” websites allow you to submit pictures, write comments, and even post virtual flowers. I think that is all well and good but what happens if you want to visit the actual grave? Your best bet is to go to the cemetery, during the hours there is a staff member available, and ask where the grave is located. Depending on how busy and organized the cemetery is, that could be quick or take a bit of time. Isn’t it easier to just use your navigation system to drive and walk right to the grave?

What resources are available to help me find a grave?

A good online resource for finding information about a specific grave is provided by, at the Find a Grave Index Collection. You can search for your loved one or friend to get the basic information needed to add it to our databases such as the cemetery, city and state, and sometimes pictures. But I will still need to get the precise GPS coordinates so for you to fully benefit from GEO Graves, LLC because this service is the only site that takes things to that step, actually allowing you see a map of exactly where in the cemetery the grave is located.

Why does GEO Graves, LLC have to retrieve the GPS coordinates?

Smartphone GPS antennas and the coordinates they provide to geotagged pictures are good but unfortunately not good enough. At best, they will get you to within 15-20 feet. But in a big, populated cemetery, that means the coordinates your phone captured could be one of 5, 10, or 20 graves. On the other hand, when you use our method for getting the coordinates, they are precise and your smartphone’s GPS is good enough as a navigator to get you right up to that point.

Can I use my phone or other device to help get the GPS coordinates?

In a matter of speaking yes but not accurately enough to accomplish our services. I have found that my Samsung Galaxy S4 and a borrowed TomTom car navigation GPS unit were very helpful because they allowed me to see a satellite view of where I was standing. Now, they weren’t exactly accurate showing me standing exactly where I was (it was showing me one row and three graves over) but they were both close enough that it was easy for me to look at the satellite picture and at the other distinguishable graves around me. That made it really easy for me to find my grandpa’s grave later once I got home and went out to get the specific GPS coordinates. It took all the guess work out of looking at satellite imagery.

Is there a subscription to search or add a grave on GEO Graves, LLC?

Absolutely no subscriptions. In fact, searching is entirely free! Adding a grave does cost a small fee and after you upload a grave to GEO Graves, LLC, I ask you to pay $24.99 to help me keep the site up and running.  When you think about the math of it, that’s $24.99 divided by forever, making it quite possibly the cheapest service you’ll ever use! In just one year after adding your loved one’s grave, that’s less than $0.07 a day and after two years, just $0.03 a day and it only gets cheaper each day thereafter. And you’ll never pay another fee on that upload, ever.

Does GEO Graves, LLC only do individual graves or whole cemeteries?

Both. I want to serve the individual graves as they are submitted and I also want to work with partners such as mortuary service providers, cemeteries, and churches who are interested in providing this service to those who have chosen their grounds as a final resting place. If you are a curator for or owner of any of the aforementioned partners and are interested in adding your sites to the databases, you can read more about us on the partnership page or contact me for more information.

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